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Regsiter by making payment of ₦200 to the account generated.


After payment Check your E-mail for your Login Details.


Log into to Change and set up your Profile with Bank Details.


Refer only 3 people to earn Daily Directly to your Bank Account.

ODAP Matrix

Odap is the easiest way to make money online in Africa

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How it Works

With a lifetime membership fee of ₦200 , you have access to all our life changing Ebooks & services. We run a simple and unique 3*2 matrix system with automatic movement of the same teammate from on stage to another. Easy to run and very much achievable.

We strongly advise you to not to invest your grocery money by just aiming to get good returns in short time as you are paying for the Ebooks and profit sharing is just an additional bonus that you are getting from us as a part of our service.

Get Train on How to Import Cheap Goods from USA, UK, & CHINA.

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Compensation Plan

Turn a one-time ₦200 Into ₦15,821,932! No Sponsoring Or Selling Needed To Get Paid! Fast Spillover & Spillunder!


Register with a valid E-PIN and Login to your Account.


Refer minimum of 3 People with your Invitation Link.


Withdraw anytime anyday to your prefer bank details


Level 1: 3 x ₦20.00 = ₦60.00
Level 2: 9 x ₦80.00 = ₦720.00
Total = ₦780.00


Level 1: 3 x ₦52.00 = ₦156.00
Level 2: 9 x ₦152.00 = ₦1,368.00
Total = ₦1,524.00


Level 1: 3 x ₦200.00 = ₦600.00
Level 2: 9 x ₦1,000.00 = ₦9,000.00
Total = ₦9,600.00


Level 1: 3 x ₦500.00 = ₦1,500.00
Level 2: 9 x ₦1,800.00 = ₦16,200.00
Total = ₦17,700.00


Level 1: 3 x ₦2,000.00 = ₦6,000.00
Level 2: 9 x ₦10,000.00 = ₦90,000.00
Total = ₦96,000.00


Level 1: 3 x ₦5,000.00 = ₦15,000.00
Level 2: 9 x ₦18,000.00 = ₦162,000.00
Total = ₦177,000.00


Level 1: 3 x ₦20,000.00 = ₦60,000.00
Level 2: 9 x ₦100,000.00 = ₦900,000.00
Total = ₦960,000.00


Level 1: 3 x ₦50,000.00 = ₦150,000.00
Level 2: 9 x ₦180,000.00 = ₦1,620,000.00
Total = ₦1,770,000.00


Level 1: 3 x ₦200,000.00 = ₦600,000.00
Level 2: 9 x ₦1,000,000.00 = ₦9,000,000.00
Total = ₦9,600,000.00


Level 1: 3 x ₦500,000.00 = ₦1,500,000.00
Level 2: 9 x ₦1,800,000.00 = ₦16,200,000.00
Total = ₦17,700,000.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Answred Questions

ODAP is a program made to enrich and empower youth, students, working and non-working class across the globe. The Word ODAP means "Obtain Daily Assets Portion" & it is available for all.

The following set of people can join ODAP and earn massively:
A retired person.
A Staying at home housewife or a single parent.
A Student who needs extra income.
A Physically challenged person.
Anyone who needs extra money but has little time to spend.
An individual who lives or wants to live in remote area and still needs to earn good money.

ODAP is Suitable for all country that has access to Crypto, Mobile Money or Bank.

ODAP is an mlm Platform that's pay users to learn with the cost of ₦200 and 3 Active people. With ₦200 members can earn more than Into ₦15,821,932 in the last stage.
This is how it works:

1. Register with a one-time fee of ₦200.
2. Login and Refer ONLY 3 PEOPLE using your Afilliate Link.
3. Withdraw anytime you have more ₦200 to any of the following: Bank Account, Mobile Money or USDT.
4. To earn without referring, you can purchase Mining Ring, Which will cost you ₦1,000 per Ring.


Yes, you can earn, But you earn bigger when you refer. To earn without referring you will need to purchase a Minning ring which will gives you 10% interest after a month.

You can only withdraw when you have upto ₦200 in your Available balance.